Mainly Health Plans SL. Insurance agency AJ0052 English insurance agent based in Spain. Agencia vinculada de seguros.

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Int´l health insurance - expat residents in Spain
Estudiantes: seguro médico - para su 'residencia'
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English owner of insurance agency - in Spain since 1989, selling insurance since 1992.

Health insurance for Spanish 'residencia' (including repatriation cover, no deductibles)

Student insurance - from 3 months (repatriation, no deductibles or copayments)

Everything done in writing (more transparent...)
Opening Hours
Everything in writing - email me whenever you want!
Payment Methods
Payment is directly between the client and the insurance company.
My insurance agency is registered, authorised and controlled by the Spanish Insurance authorities. I am also registered with all 28 insurance authorities of the 28 countries of the European Union.
I have been an expat for many years: Barbados, Bangladesh, UK and Spain.
More Information
English insurance agent in Spain
... Health and dental insurance plans.
... Travel insurance and Schengen zone cover
... seguros de salud y de viaje
... gay and hetero clients
... house, car, life, other insurance products
... insurance agent since 1992. Own agency since 2007
... all payments are between the client and the insurance company
... Brexit; registered with UK insurance authority + each European insurance authority.

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